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Air Express Lowrider Classic

With Single Shock Absorber System
The Lowrider Classic seat assembly offers the
same High Quality features as the AE Classic on
a low profile air suspension. This seat is designed
for the driver who likes to "Ride Low in High Style".
Our unique Low Ride Seat is 7" at its lowest point
or rises to a height of 12" when fully extended.

Standard Features
• Double Chamber Air Llumbar
• "uUnique" Ride Firmness Control
• Fore/Aft 4 Roller Isolator
• 6" Fore/Aft Adjustment
• Push Button Air Valve
• Back Angle Adjustment
• Contour Molded Cushions
• 20" Width Between the Arms
• Fully Enclosed Suspension
• "Lubed for Life" Heavy Duty Bearings
• Rubber Bumper Absorbs Shock if
Suspension Bottoms Out
• Universal Mounting Base
• Skin Classic Upholstery
• Headrest or High-back Design
• Mesh Pocket on Seat Back
Optional Features
• Easily Adjustable Arms
Available In 15" Or 19" Lengths

AE Lowrider Classic
LR700 Deluxe High-back
LR725 Deluxe Mid-back w/Headrest

Companion Seat
LR701 High-back
LR729 Mid-back w/ Headrest

AE101L 15" Armrest-Left
AE101R 15" Armrest-Right
AE239L 19" Armrest-Left
AE239R 19" Armrest-Right
WM101 Armrest Extension

WM835 12-volt 200 PSI Air Compressor
WM835-3 Electric Air Valve Switch
(Required For WM835)

Ride Firmness Control
A Patented Shock Absorbing Suspension System
That Can Be Adjusted To Prevent The Seat From
"Bottoming Out." This Unique Feature Will Give
The Driver A Less Fatiguing, More Comfortable
And Therefore Safer Ride.

ae lowrider classic

AE Lowrider Classic


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